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released July 13, 2017

All songs written by Kacey Meckeler

Arranged and performed by Kacey Meckeler and Karson Meckeler

Synth/banjo melody on Yukon Cornelius written by Corey Kimmel, and vocal harmony on You Don't Know Me (Better Than Anyone Else) written by Anastasia Lasky

Recorded by Karson Meckeler and Kacey Meckeler

Thanks to Kerri Ciullo for the beautiful album art! Check out some of her work here!

Thanks to Corey Kimmel, Anastasia Lasky and Joyce Della Peruta for being the best

and thanks to Frankie Kuna for breaking my damn heart </3



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Track Name: Yukon Cornelius
If you would just grow up and say what's on your mind
Then you wouldn't have to break my heart a thousand times
I remember days when I would never think of you
Now it seems those days come very far and very few

Sometimes I wish that you would show up at my door
Then I start to think that you don't know me anymore
I remember now that things are never as they seem
Hard to believe now that once I gave you everything
Track Name: See Thru
Sometimes I spend days waiting for them to end
I feel so alone in a room full of friends
I don't like to go out at night
when I go out it never feels quite right

Don't you see right through
Don't you see right through me
Don't you see right through
Don't you see right through me
Track Name: You Don't Know Me (Better Than Anyone Else)
I'm so scared of wasting away
I sat outside and cried the whole day
But you don't know me better than anyone else
Track Name: Call Me Baby
Tell me about your day
I'll listen to every word you say
I don't really mind
If you waste my time

You are so sweet
Please come save me
From my daydreams
Call me baby
Track Name: Sunburnt
If I lay outside all day
My skin will turn bright red
If I lay in bed all day
I'll get blue
What's a girl supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?

You picked me like a weed in the garden
It felt so good to be me
But I know now some things
Are better off where they lie
But I can't say that without starting to cry
and I can't see you without wanting to die
and you can't say that I didn't try